WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Get Business-class Web Hosting for Your WordPress Website. Included!

Insure the maximum performance 24/7 and build a more successful online experience.


  • Premium Internet connectivity right on the backbone.
  • Low website density per server insures that visitors can access your website at high-speed: even during peak web surfing hours.
  • Expert-level security measures will keep your website online while others are shut down due to attacks.
  • Easy & affordable scalability to support millions of visitors as your website grows.

Heads-up! Google now considers website download speed as a factor in page rankings.

Most webhosts promise lots of resources that you can never use due to a limited number of available connections per server. With upwards of 100,000 sites per server your visitors have to sit waiting for a connection when the web gets busy.

(The average well-run webserver supports around 1200 connections per second.  It takes 2 connections to download a web page and graphics.  You do the math and you will see why popular web hosts run slow during peak surfing hours.  This universal Internet business-practice is called "overselling the pipeline.")


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