Entrepreneurs: Dream it and DO it!

Entrepreneurs: Dream it and DO it!

It used to be that you had to spend your life looking for venture capital.

Now with the modern Internet: people of average means with a vision can launch their idea with spare pocket-money.

By creating demand online: an idea can get off the ground using its own cash flow.

There are four major components to launching a successful online business.

  1. A strong brand identity that people can remember.
  2. A virtual location on the web.
  3. Online Marketing using search engines and social media to connect with the ideal target customers who need and want exactly what you offer.
  4. Google is looking for content and online buyers trust brands that create meaning and value with quality content.

WordPress is special because it allows the website owner to add content or products without having to pay a web developer.  It is also the leading platform for getting FOUND by Google.

Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) on WordPress is straight-forward with the right training.

Its built-in discussion capabilities let the website author interact with visitors and provide valuable content to win their trust.


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